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Catalog 15.2

Point Locks
Siemens® CKA 12 & CKA 13
Complete sets available now
Emergency Concept
Universal Point Lock HV73 & accessory
departure indicator with LED technology
Bearing- & transmission parts
bearer for derailers for construction sites
cable protection conduit

We are offering a lot more products like:

  • locking technology
    Deadbolt lock, securing bolt for points, derailer lock, hand locking device HVE, securing bolt for switch blades, dependency systems
  • point technology
    Signal stands, bearings, rods, parts for modular bearers, final position detector ELP 319
  • track materials
    Ribbed base plates, permanent switch lock, bolts & screws
  • railway crossing
    Grid hangings, hinged support, St.-Andrews-Cross
  • Connection Technology
    Cable distributors, rail foot clamps
  • and many more

Please have a look at our extensive catalog 15.2