F. W. Daum GmbH & Co. KG


What we do
  • Production and trading of railway products
  • Developing and construction of components
  • Comprehensive range of products in the fields of railway signaling and control systems, switches, signal technology, roadbed and track superstructure and track construction
  • Supplying to many customers around the world
  • Consulting in detail

  • Our customers are many small and medium sized companies, municipal utilities, railway companies and worldwide operating system providers.
  • German Railroad (Deutsche Bahn AG®)
  • Siemens AG®
  • Thales®
  • Voestalpine®
  • BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe
  • Hamburg Port Authority HPA
  • etc.

General Management
Daniel Hemsath

Daniel Hemsath

Frank Hemsath

Martin Hemsath

Daniel Hemsath

Frank Hemsath

Additional Business Divisions


Under this trademark we distribute quality tools from the traditional "tool-making city" Remscheid. Since 1890 we produce mainly clamping tools like gripping pliers and hand vises and furthermore tools for plumbers like cleaning cables. Our tools are used in many industries like automobile or aircraft production. These tools help the pofessional industry workers as much as the passionated craftmen.
We specialize in producing tools for:

  • Sheet metal forming / working
  • Plumbers
  • Bar clamp, normal clamping
  • Arrangement fixtures

We produce and distribute precision blades since August 2018. Furthermore we are offering a regrinding-service.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Circular cutter blades / rotary shear blades
  • Sheet shear blades / scrap shear blades
  • Cutter spindles / cutting bushings
  • Production, reconditioning & regrinding-service



Foundation of Friedrich Wilhelm Daum Machine Factory in the industrial affected city of Remscheid. DAUM was focussing on the production of household aids, garden tools and the trading of general tools.


Extension of the production. Adding hammer mill goods, telegraph parts and products for mining to the product range. During the era of industrialization the production of railway parts became more and more important. Many railroads were built up because the railway evolved into mass transportion. DAUM gets its first important orders from the Royal Prussian Railway.


DAUM becomes 'specialists factory for railway parts'.

25 year jubilee in 1922

Celebration of the 25th anniversary jubilee.

1932 - 1938

Extension and building of new production halls. With the beginning of the replacement program for mechanical signal towers by electrical signal towers, DAUM has an important influence to the development of the new systems.

1942 - 1945

Official promotion to the title of 'Eisenbahnsignal-Bauanstalt'. Nearly complete destruction of the buildings by heavy air strikes during second world war in the night to June, 31st, 1943. Rebuilding of the production halls in the following 2 years.


Takeover of the General Management by married couple Lieselotte (nee Urbach) and Günther Hemsath. Implementation of the traditional tool factory of Remscheid, Urbach, Bölting (URBO).


Frank Hemsath becomes member of the General Management.


100 years of Friedr. Wilh. Daum GmbH & Co. KG


Adaption of the company name in F. W. Daum GmbH & Co. KG and change of the address of the head office to Fischerstrasse.


Takeover of production and distribution of precision blades from Hugo Lohmann Inh. H. Aubel and implementation into F. W. Daum GmbH & Co. KG.


We are the market leader in the field of track locking systems. DAUM is certified as Q1-supplier of German Railroad (Deutsche Bahn AG), Top-Level supplier of Siemens® and sells their products to many customers around the world.